Beautiful inline tour at Lake Aegeri

Thank you Claudia Förtig for this great contribution!

Last week I recommended a wonderful inline skating tour from Weggis to Vitznau. This week I would like to recommend a similar tour at the Lake Aegeri.

Start at the end of Unterägeri, on the left side you will find a public parking area. Go straight in the direction of Morgarten. Follow the public road right-hand side to Naas. There the asphalt road will end and you have to turn around. Next time I will try bringing some shoes in a backpack so I can walk through the forest area. Afterwards the asphalt road starts again so you can turn it into a round trip.

This tour is very easy and mostly flat. Therefore it is perfect for beginners and families. There are plenty of restaurants along Lake Aegeri and in Unterägeri you can play minigolf.

If you are interested to get more tips for inlining tours you can send me an email to: claudia.foertig(at)

Please note the following safety advice:

  • Always use wrist, elbow and knee protectors and a helmet!
  • Never skate on a wet surface!
  • Always skate on the right and overtake on the left.
  • Adapt your speed to circumstances and your abilities.
  • Always cross traffic lanes and pedestrian crossings at walking speed.

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