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The Elevator Pitch Many of your options for weekend adventures depend on the time of year and which mountain pass roads

As of January 1st 2021, Switzerland will enforce the following driving rules: Highways: Overtaking on the right: During traffic jams, accidents or slow downs it will now be allowed to overtake on the right lane, but only as part of the traffic flow. Going into the right lane specifically to overtake a

There is a saying regarding tires in Switzerland: “Von O bis O”, meaning that winter tires should be on cars from October to Easter (Ostern). Actually there is no law obliging people to have winter tires on their cars. However should you be found guilty of causing an accident because

Winter is here and with lots of snow (at least in the mountains) if you are planning to drive anywhere this winter then you should be prepared for driving in the snow. First of all be sure that your car is fit for the winter: In Switzerland, there is no legal