Are expats not happy in Switzerland?

The Allianz Global Wealth report may have stated that Swiss Households are the richest in the world, it seems like expats still have a bone or two to pick with the swiss themselves. In a report published by Inter Nations where they interviewed over 14 000 expats worldwide including 598 expats living here, Switzerland has come out as having some of the worst rankings anywhere in the world. It ranks 31 out of 57 as top expat destinations.


Switzerland ranks number 10 when it comes to quality of life:

and ranks number 64 out of 67 when it comes to ease of settling in!

And if that wasn’t brutal enough here are some more figures: number 30 out of 45 when it comes to quality of family life and number 65 out of 67 when it comes to cost of living and apparently expats who live here are among the least satisfied in their personal relationships. But it’s not all doom and gloom as expats who move to Switzerland (and Luxembourg) do benefit the most financially from their move according to the report.

Personally I am surprised by the findings, I think we have an excellent quality of life here, my family is certainly very happy and this is my favourite expat destination but obviously not everyone feels this way.


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