All you can eat restaurants in Luzern

You have to love how the Swiss/French make everything sound nice: isn’t à discrétion a lovely way to express that you just want to, excuse the language, stuff your face? Whatever we may call it, we all like to indulge every now and then. And while we might not make such a culinary choice for a first date, all you can eat places are great for a fun family or friends’ night out. Here go our picks of all you can eat restaurants so you can knock yourself down! 1.If you like it un poquito picante then crazy cactus  is a good mexican place to go. Every Tuesday night as many chicken and veggie fajitas as you dare to have. 2. If you want to spend a real swiss evening, Schiffrestaurant Wilhem Tell serves Fondue Chinoise all year round. Starting price is CHF 59.- and it includes a salad as a starter. It’s a great place to go if you have people visiting from abroad. Also, which kid doesn’t love to be on a boat? 3.For really good indian food at a good price, Gourmindia offers an all you can eat lunchtime buffet for CHF 15.-. They are at the beginning of Baselstrasse 31, just after the Sentitreff and the Gütsch train. 4. This town loves chicken wings. It must do so or otherwise there wouldn’t be so many place to get them from. The ones at the ever so lovely Bistro du Théatre are quite famous, but you can also try Mövenpick, or Borromini without forgetting the wonderful Soul Chicken. 5. You know what the English say, “breakfast like a king”. For the best brunch in town, you must at least  once try the Grand Hotel National. It is served every Sunday and it’s heavenly. However at CHF 65.- per person it is a bit pricey. For a budget friendly alternative, don’t rule out Rebstock or the Neubad.

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