A Swiss chocolate adventure

I must admit I didn’t know what to expect when I headed to the Swiss Museum of Transport to experience their Swiss Chocolate Adventure. I figured it was about chocolate so already, I was interested but what awaited me surpassed any of my chocolate lover fantasies. You start your journey by embarking in a chocolate cup as pictured above. The tour takes off as your chocolate vessel moves towards various rooms that each present parts of the chocolate making process and its history. These rooms are elaborately decorated to create a setting that represents the topic discussed whether it’s where the ingredients come from or the origins of the first chocolate bar. There are also sleek flat screens projecting videos of artisans that share interesting facts on how chocolate is made and the steps it takes to reach our stores. Every part of this adventure is dynamic and it’s truly a unique experience. It made me appreciate this delicacy even more.

The finale: a room with gold walls decorated with giant chocolates and in the middle, a distributor that gives out free sweet treats from Lindt.

The video below demonstrates what the Swiss Chocolate Adventure is all about and also shows the work that went into creating this very special place.

Make sure you bookmark this post as you will want to refer to it on those cold rainy days where you are looking for something to do or if the kids are getting cabin fever and want to try a new type of activity. The entrance fee for adults is CHF 15 and for children it’s CHF 9 but they offer special rates for families and groups or if you visit the Swiss Museum of Transport so make sure you check out their Admission fees page for all the details. I highly recommend you also visit the museum while you are there. It’s a must-see and you can find out more about it here. And find out the details by going to myguide-luzern.



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