A big thank you!!

Oh my! What an amazing celebration we had at the LiLi centre on Saturday! Wave upon wave of people turned up to celebrate the centre’s second anniversary from the moment we opened the doors at 9.30 until we closed at 22.00.

It was wonderful to see so many members, old friends but also many new faces who had come along to see what we were all about.

We reached capacity for both lunch and dinner, but luckily there was plenty of in-between snacks to keep everyone going.

I want to thank in particular, Andrew Stocker for organising the whole day, although he couldn’t be there for personal reasons, his agenda excel sheet was our bible.

Joanna Christen-Glennie ran a full day of activities for the kids outside, doing spontaneous treasure hunts to accommodate everyone as well as many activities until well into the evening.

Everyone who came along to run a workshop, Martyna Syguda for Yoga, Susan Fehr for Crafts, Sophie Evans for Kids Music, Gergely Molnar for photography, Noemi Herrman for the Paint Workshop, Angel Laporte for the cupcake decorating workshop, Jill Diederich for her translation services and Andrea Caspani for his My Mountains presentation.

The whole LiLi Team for making breakfast, Claudia Foertig for an amazing lunch, Melissa’s Kitchen for the yummy cakes, Angela Laporte for her cupcakes and her birthday cake and Zoe, Stefanie, Julie, Rachel, Rolf, Derek for dinner.

Also a big thanks to Tim Sutton for bringing his wonderful beers on tap and Peter Elderton for his ciders.

The entertainment was provided by various Ukulele + Guitar musicians, but a special thanks goes out to James for serenading the cooking team, Isabelle for her first public performance and Sara Vetrano for her soulful singing during dinner. The Lucerne World Theatre Company gave some great performances and an extra treat was Renata Nunes and Eva Cortez and their Flamenco dancing.

Marco for setting up the lights and sound and Yvonne for devoting her day to selling raffles tickets, many great prizes were won.

Finally none of this would have run so smoothly without the core team so a special thanks to Lina Petraviciute, Zoe Killer, Sebastian Eberle, James Conway and all the volunteers who came for shorter shifts throughout the day. The success of the day is also down to you.

We are all left with a feeling of wonder at the great turnout and gratitude for the many positive experiences we had throughout the day.

We hope to that the LiLi Centre will continue to grow, connect and thrive within the community!



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