The Number of Small Businesses is Growing but the Number of Courses Available to Support Entrepreneurs is Not!

By Evelin Bermudez (Swiss Skills Academy Co-founder)

As a small business owner or solopreneur, you must wear many different hats. We hear that everywhere: you are a project manager, marketing specialist, sales person, financial analyst. This is especially true at the early stages of operation when you have to plan carefully where you invest your limited resources.


You can spend endless hours trying to figure out how to develop adequate online and offline marketing plans or the best approaches to capture your market’s attention, or reading articles about what it means to create your USP, UVP, or mission statement. While it is true that we cannot become experts in every field, we can certainly learn the skills needed to start and run a successful business.


So how can we equip ourselves to navigate the challenges of having a business without being overwhelmed at the sheer number of marketing, tracking, and operations tasks involved, as well as providing the service itself?


The Swiss Skills Academy might have the answer. On November 9th and 16th we will be running a Boot Camp for Small Business Owners and Solopreneurs. During these two days we will cover topics such as: how to develop a suitable business model; what goes into a marketing strategy; how to craft a vision statement, unique selling proposition and unique value proposition; how to promote your business through digital marketing; and tips for time and task management.


We have put together a team comprised of business owners themselves, specialising in various fields.  We will explain key concepts and give you the essential tools to help you navigate the challenges of being a small business owner or solopreneur.


Participants in the boot camp will benefit from an additional two-hour session three months later to review progress and ask any subsequent questions.


Our ultimate goal is to create a network of peers and entrepreneurs that can share their experience, knowledge, and skills in a supportive environment. Exchanging support, advice, and shared experience with like-minded individuals in different businesses can be an invaluable tool.


They say that the five most important skills entrepreneurs must have are sales, communication, planning, costumer focus, and curiosity. The Swiss Skills Academy can certainly help you gain some of them.


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