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By now you should be well familiar with the fact that you are in the German speaking part of Switzerland.  However, the majority of Lucerne’s population speaks the local dialect, also known as Mundart, in which the vocabulary and pronunciation differ significantly from the “High German” that is taught in the schools.

If you have already started learning German or you’re just at the beginning, one thing you will already be familiar with is the language levels structure that exists. Whether you’re an A1 or a C2, the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is the internationally recognized framework that describes the six levels of language ability.

For the canton of Luzern you will need to show proof of at least an A2 level in German to apply for a C permit or citizenship. Presenting the certificate, which you receive after taking your exam should be sufficient. Both spouses and children over the age of twelve must at least demonstrate an A2 level ability. This is just one part of your application process.

When it comes to picking a course you have many options of language schools in the city of Luzern. Most language schools will offer you a placement test so that they can determine what level you fall into. This applies more to those who have learnt German previously.  We have picked three schools in the city to offer you our unbiased review on each one.

Alemania: This school is generally highly regarded amongst the international community. It offers the most flexible intensive program with classes running for 2 hours a day, five days a week. The intensive classes last for four weeks for each level and the course material is not included.

Migros Klubschule: The most well known school in the city with an intensive program that lasts 3 hours a day, five days a week. They also offer weekly and bi-weekly lessons in the evenings and the students can pay per semester. However there course can sometimes be too basic and you will have many students at different skill levels in the one class.

ECAP: This is a highly regarded school as well and it is very competitive to get into there classes.  On average every 5 weeks they start a new course. Class sizes can tend to be on the larger size, with 15-20 people in a class. The biggest advantage here though is that they also provide childcare. While you are learning your new language, they will look after your children – which can be a godsend!

Our new partner Berlitz offers great classes in town, they are a world renowned school with a lot of credibility.

Our partners Dialoge and Linguatheke offer you personalised options to learn and improve your German and, of course, you can practice your German at the LiLi Centre!

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