The Adventure Rooms

Many people have heard of the Adventure Rooms in Luzern, but funnily enough few people have actually taken part in the game. They are located on Baselstrasse in the city. Our community blogger this week, Adina Haram, has shared her experience there in this post.

As we had our nephew staying with us from New Zealand, we headed to The Adventure Rooms in Luzern for the first time, as a fun activity to do. The basis of the game is being locked in a room for 60 minutes and solving your way out of the room! Overall the Adventure Rooms really was quite thrilling. In total we were 5 people taking part and between us we managed to progress from the corridor, through to the first two rooms. Sadly however we failed to solve the last 2 elements which would allow us to exit the final room within the allotted 60 minutes. (Apparently only a third of participants succeed to exit! We were told we did exceptionally well though, as over 50% of people don’t get as far as we did!)

You need to work as a team, standard teams are groups of 2-6 people but bigger teams and groups can book and work on a duel mode. The adventure is to solve puzzles, find hidden objects and use these to progress through the room until you reach the exit. Working together is a definite advantage and you need to think laterally and be creative.

I would definitely recommend this as a family or friend event. Maybe for a rainy day or even an evening activity. Booking in advance is necessary but they are open daily from 10:00 – 22:00. Online reservation is necessary and you must be 10 years and older. There are three different rooms to choose from – Adventure Apartment, Original Apartment and slightly more of a challenge is the Adventure Jungle.

The cost is 50 CHF per person for two people, 40 CHF per person for three people and 30 CHF per person for four or more people.

– Written by Adina Haram

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