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Coronavirus Update April 1. 2022 – back to the “new” normal.

With the number of cases continuing to go down (-38% compared to last week), the government has decided to keep to its schedule and lift the state of emergency and all restrictions as of midnight last night. It is now up to each canton to implement measures if they deem necessary. A bridging phase between now and spring 2023 when particular attention will be paid to the evolution of the situation continues to be in place.

Here are the details as of April 1.:

  • Masks are no longer required on public transport. Some cantons including Lucerne still require masks to be worn in medical facilities.
  • People who have the virus are not required to isolate by law anymore.
  • Home office is no longer mandatory.
  • People showing symptoms can still be tested for free as can people who were in close contact .
  • The Swiss Covid app is now deactivated and any remaining data the government may still have will be deleted.

Should I test if I have symptoms? Yes, and also if you’ve been in close contact with someone who has the virus. Although you do not have to isolate, you should treat your illness as you would a bad cold or flu.

Do I need a doctor’s certificate if I am not feeling weel and wish to stay away from work. In general employees are allowed up to 3 days leave without needing a certificate, after which time one will be required.

I’ve tested positive can I still send my kids to school? Yes, quarantine for contact people is not a requirement anymore.

Is my Covid certificate still valid? Yes, although it is no longer a requirement to show it in Switzerland, your certificate is still valid for travel abroad.

Do I need a fourth booster? Currently the government is not recommending the general public to be boosted but this could change in the autumn when it is expected that there will be a new (milder) Covid-19 wave.

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Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Livingin organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.