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Znüni News – Wednesday September 8

According to several sources as of Monday the Covid certificate will be required for anyone wishing to go to a restaurant, bar, fitness centre, museum or cinema. There is also discussion as to whether it should be made mandatory on public transport. It also look as if a quarantine could be reintroduced for unvaccinated people returning from holidays abroad. We will update you as soon as the information is made official.

The reason behind this decision is the strain put on hospitals with the ICUs (Intensice Care Units) slowly reaching full capacity, currently at 84%. Operations that require patients to go to an ICU afterwards are being cancelled to make room for Covid-19 patients, the majority of which are not vaccinated and half of them presenting no previous medical conditions.

Schools are also seeing a big spike with Covid cases. Many children are in quarantine or having to home school. Teachers are asking for mass testing to be expanded to all years and air filters to be installed in all classes in preparation for this winter when windows will have to be closed.

The “Winter Universiade “is slated to take place from the 11. to the 21. of December. This is a mini version of the Olympics for students from all over the world. It has already been postponed twice because of the pandemic, which is why the organisors are asking that all the athletes, from the 58 countries taking part, be vaccinated along with the organisors, officials and the 3800 volunteers. Swiss volunteers and organisors will need to show the Covid certificate. You can find out more about the Winter Universiade here.

Today is world illiteracy day. This highlights the numbers of adults who can neither read nor write. According to statistics 45 000 adults in the canton of Lucerne struggle with reading, writing or doing basic maths. Which is why the Einfach Besser programme exists offering CHF 500.- vouchers to take part in various courses. As part of this programme, foreigners can also perfect their spoken German by taking part in conversation groups using the vouchers. We still have room available in several of our German groups so be sure to sign up for one of them and practice your German for free!

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Livingin organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.