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Znüni News – Thursday July 1st

The Swiss Army has finally decided to buy 36 American F-35 fight jets costing over 5 billion francs. This was such a big deal that even French president Macron is said to have phoned our defence minister to try and sway her to buy the French Dassault Rafale planes. To no avail. The planes are expensive but have many gadgets including not being visible on radar. A lot of people are opposed to the buying of these jets and a people’s motion is being put in place to stop the contract from being signed. Whether this will be successful or not remains to be seen.

129 cases of Covid-19 were reported yesterday bringing the average weekly infection rate down to 109 cases per day. This has led many to believe that the worst is over but our minister of health warns that people need to be vaccinated in order to keep a fourth wave at bay. The Delta variant now represents 40% of new infections but in the UK it is 95% of cases meaning that it is taking over as the main variant. It is very contagious ( according to an Australian research paper, it is enough for people without masks to cross paths for one to infect the other) and there is a fear that a fourth wave could hit us this autumn unless more of the population gets fully vaccinated. Currently 36% of the population is fully vaccianted.

Self test kits are now only handed out for free to people who are neither vaccinated nor have had covid and you can only receive the five test kits every 30 days and not every month as had been the case up until now.

People often refer to Meggen as Lucerne’s gold coast for its expensive villas but actually the houses in the city of Lucerne are more expensive. The average insured value of a house in Lucerne is 2.23 million francs, followed by Emmen at 1.39 million, Kriens at 1.25 million and then Meggen at 1.21 million francs. So that villa in Meggen? It’s a steal.

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Livingin organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.