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Znüni News – Wednesday June 30

Seriously, we’re still talking about the weather, but Monday’s storm over the region caused over 60 million francs worth of damage. The hailstones were the size of eggs and shredded roofs, damaged cars and wiped out crops. Making it the worst storm in recent memory. The forecast is for more storms in the next two days before a bit calmer weather over the weekend.

Modern science is astounding. A farmer found skull bones when he cut down a tree in the region of Gersau. He immediately identified it as human remains and brought it to the police who sent it to a DNA laboratory. They were able to identify the remains as belonging to a 30 year old Dutch hiker who went missing in the region two years ago.

As we’ve mentioned before “gülle”, the liquid cow poo farmers spread over fields in springtime, is very high in ammonia and pollutes the water reserves both in lakes and underground. A Lucerne farmer has come up with a novel way of lowering the ammonia level, by mixing the “gülle” with sulphuric acid. This lowers the PH level of the “gülle” to around 5-5 to 6, which reduces the level of ammonia and methane which gets released into the air and soil. He is now looking for other farmers willing to make the change. Lucerne has the strictest ammonia reduction policy in place in Switzerland.

Do you know this man? Luca Loutenbach is the Swiss fan whose emotional reaction to Monday’s match between Switzerland and France has gone viral. These two pictures of him taken within a minute of each other have been shared online and in the printed press worldwide. Swiss have given him a flight ticket to St Petersburg to watch Friday’s quarter final match between Switzerland and Spain.

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Livingin organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.