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Coronavirus/Covid-19 Restrictions Update – June 12

Because the situation continues to improve (numbers of cases under 1000 and more and more people vaccinated), the government feels that the following restrictions ought to be lifted or changed as of June 28,

It will no longer be mandatory to wear masks in publicly accessible outdoors areas, leisure centres, trains stations and bus stops as well as the outside decks of ships and chairlifts.

Masks are no longer mandatory in the workplace, however the employer still has the obligation to ensure his employees security.

The wearing of masks will no longer be mandatory for secondary level schools. The cantons will once again be responsible for rules at grammar schools, technical secondary schools and vocational schools.

In restaurants, the group size per table would be increased from four to six people. As before, seating remains mandatory indoors, but it is to be abolished outdoors. On terraces, the Federal Council also wants to lift the restriction on guest group size and the mask requirement. However, contact details must be provided.

The quarantine obligation for people entering from all states and territories of the Schengen area is to be completely lifted. Third-country nationals are also to be allowed to enter again.

Nightclubs are to be allowed to reopen their dance floors after months of closure. However, only people with Covid certificate – i.e. vaccinated, recovered or tested – should be allowed to enter. A maximum of 250 people are to be allowed to be present. They should not have to wear a mask, but should provide their contact information.

From 1000 people, the Covid-19 certificate should be mandatory. Indoors, up to 3000 people – with mask – can participate, outdoors up to 5000. Also stores, leisure businesses and sports facilities should be able to use their capacities better again, according to the Federal Council. Aquaparks are to reopen with space restrictions for all guests.

The Federal Council sent the above and other proposals into consultation with the cantons. It will make and announce its final decision on June 23.

You can find the most recent list of high risk countries here.

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Livingin organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.