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Coronavirus/Covid-19: The new Swiss Vaccination Pass explained

The government has announced that by the end of June the Swiss Vaccination Pass will be up and running. Here we answer the essential questions.

Who will get the Pass?

The Pass will be given to people who have been fully vaccinated, can prove that they had Covid-19 or who have a negative test.

How will the Pass work?

At a vaccination center, hospital, laboratory, pharmacy or doctor’s office, you will receive the certificate in the form of a QR or bar code on paper. Either you keep this paper or scan the code with a governmental app. If necessary, the code can be presented either on paper or in the app. If the certificate is lost, a new one must be requested from the issuing office, as the data is not stored centrally.

Where will the Pass be used?

The government has developped a traffic light system to explain where it will be necessary to show the pass or not.

Green areas – no pass required:

This includes private and religious events, public transportation, stores, the workplace, or schools.

Orange areas – pass may be required:

Examples are bars and restaurants, events, leisure, sports and entertainment businesses, sports and cultural clubs or visiting hospitals and homes. Currently the use of the certificate is not foreseen. However, if the epidemiological situation worsens and there is a threat of overloading the healthcare system, then closures are to be prevented by restricting access to people with a Covid certificate.

Red areas – pass will be mandatory:

This covers international passenger traffic and places that are sensitive from an epidemiological point of view, such as large events or discotheques. It can be assumed that many countries will require a Covid certificate upon entry. For large events as well as clubs and discotheques, the use of the certificate is foreseen in the opening strategy of the Federal Council.

With the Swiss Pass be compatible with the EU Pass?

The EU is currently also developing a certificate, the Digital Green Certificate. Switzerland’s COVID certificate will be implemented so as to be compatible with the EU’s Digital Green Certificate. According to the EU, the Digital Green Certificate will facilitate the free movement of persons within the EU and Schengen states. Individual states will decide how the certificate is used.

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Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Livingin organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.