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Znüni News – Tuesday April 27

Last Friday Swiss president, Guy Parmelin, travelled to Brussels to try and work out the final points for our unilateral trade agreement which was begun more than 25 years ago! Unfortunately he came back empty handed and we are now left with a “he said, they say” situation. Brussels maintains that Switzerland was inflexible and unrealistic in its expectations, whilst Switzerland claims that they were trying to find solutions. In parliament whilst some are hopeful that a solution will be found, others are putting more pressure on the government for the deal with Europe to simply be put to bed. This could have grave consequences for the freedom of movement of Europeans in Switzerland and vice-versa.

The gastro industry is happy to be able to have at least some business by having their terraces open. However they are concerned that people are not respecting the rules by not wearing their masks before ordering and after paying. They worry that should the number of cases go up again, they would once more be forced to close their businesses.

Yesterday, we told you about the Swiss variant of the Covid-19 virus found by the Italians. According to the Swiss, this variant is nothing new, it was originally identified in April 2020, and is not the current leading variant in Switzerland, meaning that it is neither highly contagious nor very dangerous.

There is a distinct lack of nursing staff in Switzerland. It is estimated that by 2030 there will be a need for a further 65 000 nurses. In order to make the job more attractive, the profession is inviting people to train from their current career which may have been effected by the lockdown to become nurses. Expect irregular hours, physical and psychological stress and struggles to balance your work with your home life.

Perhaps you fancy a career in the Lucerne SIP department instead? The Security, Intervention, Prevention department is looking to be more present in the day to day life of Lucerners, and is looking for more personnel. They basically patrol the streets of Lucerne and intervene in a friendly manner to make sure that order is maintained. Swiss German probably is a must though, you can find out more about the department here.

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Livingin organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.