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Znüni News – Monday April 26

It was a question of time but we now have our own Swiss variant of the Covid-19 virus. The Swiss variant was discovered by a laboratory near Turin, Italy in a local patient. It is more infectious than the original variant but does not seem to cause worse symptoms. 69% of cases of it can be found in Switzerland, but the English, Brasilian and South African are still the most common variants found here. There has now also been a first case of the Indian variant found in the country.

A third of the Swiss population has had corona. Although, officially, only 650 000 cases have been registered, it is estimated that a further 2 million people have been infected but were asymptomatic so are not aware that they caught the virus.

Despite the pandemic, Lucerne Business managed to convince 19 companies to settle in the canton of Lucerne in 2020, this generated 329 new jobs. Nationwide 220 companies moved to Switzerland, creating 1168 new jobs.

Although they are currently rare to see, tourism coaches seem to be the bane of downtown Lucerne. Many solutions have been put forward (and rejected), but the latest idea may finally have found an appreciative audience. The idea would be to build a pedestrian tunnel from the hospital to downtown. This 800 meter tunnel would be similar to pedestrian tunnels found in airports. The hospital is going to be rebuild and a car park for up to 40 coaches would be added with a direct access from the highway. This would be a win for tourists who would have quick access to downtown, a win for the town as there would be no more coach parking problems, and a win for the hospital which would have a quick access from downtown to its buildings. It is now in the local parliament’s hands to see whether this project will be adopted or not.

Expect temperatures in the low teens this week, with a mix of sun, cloud and rain for the second part of the week.

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Livingin organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.