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Znüni News – Tuesday April 6

As of tomorrow it will be possible for anyone person with a health insurance in Switzerland to go to a chemist and receive5 self-tests for Covid-19 for free . This will be renewable on a monthly basis. You will need to show your insurance card (and the card of any other person whose tests you are picking up) and the tests will be given to you free, beware you cannot buy extra tests. The tests are to be used before you meet any person who is particularly vunerable or when you know that you will be in a situation where you cannot observe the social distancing rules. They are rationed to 5 tests per person per month. Should you tests positive when doing such a test then you should do a PCR test to be extra sure and then follow the usual quarantine/isolation rules. It might make sense to wait a day or two before you pick up your tests, as tomorrow everyone will be wanting to get theirs.

Credit Suisse seems to be in a lot of trouble these days. A couple of weeks back they were already in the headlines when the Greensill Capital Hedgefund which they had heavily invested in, collapsed; now they are back in the headlines because of another hedgefund they backed called Archego has gone bankrupt. To date the estimated total debt is 4.4 billion francs and for the first quarter of 2021 a further loss of 900 million francs has cost two top managers their jobs as well as no bonuses for the whole top management of the bank for 2020. The bank’s shares have also dropped significantly.

If you lose or find something in town, you know to go the the fundbüro to drop it off or pick it up, but did you know that you can also do this online by going to the easyfind website. What happens to things after they have been left unclaimed for months? They get sold on So if you are on the online portal and see something that looks awfully familiar that you lost ages ago, it might just be yours…

Winter is back! After the gorgeous weather these past few days and the lovely snow this morning expect very cold temperatures to stay with us until Friday. “Der April macht was er will!”

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Livingin organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.