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Znüni News – Monday February 8.

New week, new rules: as of today, a 10 day quarantine can be reduced to 7 days providing you take a test on the 7th day and it’s negative, after which time the quarantine is lifted.

Anyone flying into Switzerland will have to have a negative PCR test which is no older than 72 hours and show it before they board the plane, they will also need to fill out this online form. If you are coming into the country from a neighbouring country by train, bus or boat (!) these rules do not apply.

Beromünster is not known for being a world-renowned place, but this could all change thanks to a syrian refugee known as “Kali”. Kali hopes to enter the guinness book of records by sewing the largest pair of trousers in the world. When finished they will be 70 meters by 40 meters. Made from cotton fabric the finished trousers will weigh 700 kilos. After being displayed in Beromünster they will then be transformed into bags bearing the logo “made from the largest trousers in the world”. He currently spends every Sunday sewing with the help of a few volunteers from the town. Kali hopes to have finished his project by July. A judge from the Guinness book of records will then, hopefully, validated the record.

Women received the right to vote in Switzerland 50 years ago, making Switzerland the 3rd to last country in Europe to give women the vote, Portugal (1974) and Liechtenstein (1984) were the last. But which country was the first? New Zealand first gave the women this right in 1893, followed by Australia and the Finland in 1906. Finland continues to lead the way with 50% of its parliament being made up of women, Switzerland still has a long way to go.

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Livingin organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.