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Znüni News – Monday February 1

Yeap, it’s already February 1st: today is your last chance to put the 2021 vignette on your car or face being fined.

Today is also the day when fines of CHF 100.- for not wearing masks in public transport, in front of train stations, bus stops or in front of publicly accessible facilities will be implemented. Anyone caught organising a private event for more than 5 people will be fined CHF 100.- per extra person and CHF 200.- for the event organisor. When more than 5 people are caught together in an publicly accessible space they will be fined CHF 50.- per person.

Two schools have been closed in Lucerne due to children and teachers being infected with Covid-19. After four children in the Maihof school were found to be infected with the South African variant, a mass testing in the school led to the finding that many more children and teachers were also infected. Some of the teachers also teach at the Mariahilf school leading to the decision to close that school too. As of today all children in the 5th & 6th year will have to wear masks until the school holidays which begin this weekend.

Whereas January was one of the wettest recorded, with 150% of average precipitation in Lucerne for example; February is starting off as one of the warmest, with temperatures this whole week above 10° in many parts of the country. Between warm temperatures and rain, the snow will melt in many parts of the country, meaning snow lovers will need to go above 2000 meters to get their fill of fresh powder snow.

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Livingin organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.