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Talk About It. Seek Help

Today is national mental health day and the government is urging people to talk about their emotions during this pandemic. Let’s face it, it has been a very trying year for everyone, and most of us wish it (the pandemic & year) was over already. Unfortunately it isn’t, and we will have to keep on keeping on for a while longer; throw in the Holiday Season and winter, and there is enough to just want to burst into tears.

This morning Dr. Brandi Eijsermans and myself recorded a podcast on the topic which we will share very soon, but here are some take-aways from what was said:

  • It is okay to feel down and sad about how this year has been. A stiff upper lip attitude will not serve you in the long run.
  • We all hit the low points at different times, acknowledge when some one (including yourself) is feeling low. Vocalising your emotions (& empathy) can go a long way to helping.
  • Be kind to yourself! Stop trying to make everything absolutely perfect. Okay is good enough, in fact, okay is awesome (to quote Dr. Brandi)!
  • For the holidays, create new traditions. Focus on what really matters to you and work out how to make it happen within the restrictions.
  • If you are feeling overwhelmed, take a breath and reach out to someone.

We are sharing two posts containing lists of online resources. Here is a post with coping tips and links and another with some mental health tips.

and some local resources.

Stay safe, sane and well during this trying time and remember to talk about it and seek help!

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Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Livingin organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.