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Znüni News – Friday November 27

It’s a good news day if you are one of the 300 richest people living in Switzerland. For most of them the pandemic had no effect and their portfolios continue to grow by 5 billion francs. According to Bilanz magazine, the richest men in Switzerland are the Kamprad brothers, owners of IKEA, with a fortune of 56 billion francs. In Central Switzerland the four richest families are Schindler and Bonnard (Schindler Holding) with a fortune of 14 to 15 billion francs, Brenninkmeijer (C&A) 13 to 14 billion francs and Kühne (Kühne + Nagel) 12 to 13 billion francs.

I guess they won’t be taking part in this year’s Black Friday shopping sprint, which will be happening all day online but also in shops around the country. Remember to check online before you impulse shop, not all deals really are deals.

Yes, we will ski!! Switzerland is holding firm and the government has reaffirmed that the purpose of all the safety precautions discussed and implemented with the ski resorts means that there is no reason why the resorts should close. Austria is also refusing to close its resorts. This may end up being an economic boon for the ski regions, but will it be a health hazard for all?

This Sunday is the first advent, Christmas is on its way!!

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Livingin organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.