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Znüni News – Tuesday November 17

Federal councillor Simonetta Sommaruga visited Lucerne yesterday and said that overall the canton has coped very well with the pandemic situation. Lucerne currently stands at 44.7 cases per 100 000, which is on the lower end of the cantonal infection rate chart. 

Nationally we are averaging 5678 new cases a day which is 24% less than last week and the national R reproduction rate has fallen to 0.95.

The company Moderna has announced that its vaccine has a success rate of 94.5% which is good news as the government had banked on this company‘s vaccine and prebought some 4.5 million doses from the company. Interestingly one of Moderna‘s main manufacturing sites is run by the company Lonza, which is based in the town of Visp in the Wallis. They will be producing 400 million doses of this vaccine to be shipped worldwide.

46% of people who lost their jobs in Switzerland due to the pandemic are foreigners. This follows the worldwide trend showing that migrants are the first affected by job losses as a result of national shutdowns. 

Between April and July 37 485 foreigners moved to Switzerland for work, this is 31% less than the previous year but still a lot compared to other countries which saw their numbers of migrants drop by up to 70% for the same period. As the Swiss economy seems to have suffered less than in other countries, the country continues to be attractive for migrants.

Finally the restaurant guide Gault Millau released its latest guidebook for Switzerland yesterday and there is a new category. Female Chef of the Year – which this year went to Michele Meier from the restaurant Lucide in the KKL, scoring 16 out of 20 points. I guess bookings just went up!

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Livingin organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.