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Znüni News – Thursday November 12

The Zürich and Geneva airports are considering offering departure and arrival covid-19 tests for passengers flying to and from Switzerland. This could replace needs for quarantine. This news is being very welcomed by the tourism industry as well as other industries as a way forward to keep the economy going. No date has been set yet as to when these tests could begin.

The countries still on Switzerland‘s quarantine list are Albania, Andorra, Belgium, the Czech Republic as well as the regions of Hauts de France and Ile de France.

The numbers of positive Covid-19 cases seem to be stabilising but at a very high number (over 8000 yesterday) this means that hospitals are still being put under strain and that the population have to continue to follow the rules. Most infections have been found to take place at other private parties or at work. 

Switzerland is investing more money into a vaccine and has secured 13 millions vaccines from the Pfizer/Biontech companies but has warned that it would only be available to the public at the earliest in spring of next year.

25 million francs are being reserved to help out companies that are about to go bankrupt because of the pandemic in the canton of Lucerne. It is as yet unclear what the conditions to be met will be and how much each company will be receiving. At the moment it looks as if the money will not be given before February 2021.

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Livingin organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.