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Znüni News – Friday October 16

It is official as of tomorrow Saturday people will required to wear masks in all shops in the canton of Lucerne. There had been discussion of adapting the ruling according to the size of the shops but this is now off the table. Regardless of the size or concept already in place anyone shopping in the canton will be required to wear a mask.

A press conference will be held at lunchtime to inform the pulic about the details, the fact that the head of the department for education will also be present is driving speculation that children may also be required to wear masks in schools. We will keep you informed.

9000 people are currently registered with the RAV in Lucerne looking for work, that is 2800 more than this time last year but at 2,3% it is way below the national average of 3.2%. These numbers are expected to grow as the economy continues to see the impact of the pandemic.

2020 may not go down as everyone’s favourite year but it may go down as the sunniest year in Lucerne since records began. So far 1743 hours of sunshine have been recorded, it will not take many more hours before the 2003 record of 1865 be broken. There’s at least something to look forward to, hey?

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Livingin organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.