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Coronavirus Update Lucerne October 16

At a press conference today the cantonal government has declared the region in the red pahse of the pandemic. An average of 70 to 80 people are being found positive per day, the rate of positive tests is 16% (5% would be acceptable) and the reproduction rate is 2 (each infected person infects 2 others). In order to prevent a lockdown they are calling for a mandatory mask wearing in all closed public spaces.

  • From Saturday, October 17, a general obligation to wear masks applies in the canton of Lucerne in all stores, post offices, banks, museums, theaters and concert halls, administrative buildings, places of worship and religious community rooms, cinemas, train stations and libraries.
  • Masks must also be worn at weekly, monthly and annual markets as well as by personnel in the guest area of restaurants and bars (including bars and clubs, discotheques and dance halls)
  • A mask must also be worn by all those who provide or use services that involve physical contact or where the required distance cannot be maintained.
  • There will be no extra measures taken for schools.

The drive-in testing centre at the Allmend will be reactivated from monday and they are looking for workers to help with Contact Tracing.

The situation will be reassessed at the end of this month. The canton is stressing that these measures are necessary to prevent a second lockdown and that everyone should follow the rules.

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Livingin organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.