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Znüni News – Tuesday October 13

It was clear that the coronavirus would have a negative consequence on the Swiss economy. Unemployment in the region has risen to 3.1% and the country‘s gross domestic product has shrunk by 3.8%, not since 1975 has that number been so high. 

This means that more and more companies are laying people off. The airline Swiss is losing 1 million francs weekly and will be firing 1000 staff. RUAG has just joined the rank of internationally companies based locally who will also be letting people go (in their case 150 jobs will be cut). *

Every third hotel is also going to have to drastically reduce staff so the next piece of news should make the local hotel industry rejoice.

The World Economic Forum is moving from Davos to Lucerne! More precisely to the Bürgenstock and it will be held in spring 2021. It will be on a smaller scale but expect loads of business VIPs to be visiting the city of lights. This will be a much needed boost to our regional economy.

Have you heard of Loredana? She is from Kosovo but grew up in Emmenbrücke and raps in German. Her songs have been watched over 100 million times on youtube, but this is not why she has been making headlines recently. A few years back she and her brothers conned a woman from the Wallis out of over 500 000 francs. He by becoming this woman‘s online love interest and asking for money to help pay for an operation; Loredana by posing as his lawyer and receiving large sums of money. Once the woman saw a picture of Loredana as a rapper she became suspicious and the whole thing came to light. However there is a turn of events that is making many wonder at how justice works in this country. Although Loredana has admitted to the con, because she repaid the money and a bit more (CHF 648 000.-). She has been found not guilty. In fact the case has made her even more popular, with even more viewers on youtube proving that, unfortunately, crime can sometimes be worth it.

*If you have recently been made redundant you may be interested in taking part in the JIFF – Work in Switzerland Bootcamp taking place this Saturday.

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Livingin organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.