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Znüni News – Monday October 12

With the growing numbers of corona cases, some cantons are falling behind when it comes to reaching out potentially infected citizens. The contact tracing teams are struggling to keep up with the growing numbers of cases and are at times only able to reach a third of people who should be going into quarantine. The canton of Zug is one of the cantons where numbers are growing really fast. Oftentimes it is the patients themselves who are reaching out to the people they were in contact with and telling them to quarantine or be tested. Contact tracing is in place to prevent a lockdown. If the government cannot keep up with it there are risks that we are in for a second round of lockdown (although that is the last thing anyone wants).

Both China and America have commented on the growing number of cases in Switzerland and the fact that there are hardly any restrictions. In particular the fact that fans can go to hockey games and football matches seems to have many scratching their heads. Germany is looking at our numbers very closely and may be putting us on the risk list if numbers don’t go down again.

The fact is that, whereas, up to recently it was only the youngest population segment which was catching the virus, now more and more older people, i.e., higher risk categories are getting the virus too.

The BAG has changed the background of its prevention campaign from blue to orange to signify that the numbers are growing again and people shoud be extra cautious.

Some good news for those desperate to get back onto the slopes. Titlis opened its highest slopes for the beginning of the ski season on the weekend. The only stipulation was for skiers to wear masks whilst in the cable cars, which people were happy to comply with. Many ski resorts are planning to invest in special scarf/masks that can be worn in lieu of masks making it easier for skiers to follow the rules. In any case, large après ski gatherings will not be happening next season.

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Livingin organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.