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Znüni News – Friday September 25

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer: a study recently looked into whether this was true in Switzerland and came up with the conclusion that on the salary side nothing much has changed. The average wage has gone up slightly but both the highest wages and lowest have remained stagnant.

Where the biggest change has come is in the distribution of assets. Whereas every fourth person in Switzerland has no assets, 0,3% of the tax paying population owned 30% of all assets in the country. 31.1% own CHF 50 000.- worth of assets or less and 12.7% own between CHF 200 000 and CHF 500 000.- 1% of the tax paying population pay 40% of all taxes and 50% pay none.

A motion to stop inheritance from being taxed was rejected by the parliament yesterday. They stated that although they liked the idea, with the ongoing corona crisis costing ever more, every franc coming into the treasurery coffers is needed.

On the lighter side, usually at this time of the year the Lozäner Määs, the autumn fair, is about to open but because of the pandemic it has been cancelled. However the local parliament came up with a suggestion for a smaller version to be held at the Allmend, the suggestion was approved now it is up to the stand holders to say whether they want to take part or not. Also the Schweizerhof Hotel has announced that it will hold a mini Lozärner Määs from October 3 to 18.

Finally remember that this weekend we are voting on various referendums, so be sure to get your ballot in on time. We will give the results on Sunday.

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Livingin organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.