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The Lucerne Referendums

This Sunday September 27 is going to be a busy day at the urns. Not only have we 5 issues to vote on nationally (which you can read about here and here) but another 3 topics to vote on specific to Lucerne. We explain these for you here.

Spange Nord Stoppen

This is a strange case: this initiative was put forward by people who wanted to prevent the city from building an entrance/exit to the highway in the nothern part of the city. After looking into it, the local government agreed with the initiative, so in effect we are being asked to vote yes by both the initiators of this referendum and the local government.

Concretely this is about expanding the highway system around Lucerne without affecting the quality of life of those living within the perimeters of the expansion and focusing on a climate friendly solution to the through traffic problem.

Sanierung and Erweiterungsneubau der Schulanlage St. Karli – Renovating and expanding the St Karli school.

The local government is asking Lucerners to approve a 22.35 million franc investment in the renovation and expansion of the St. Karli school. The school was built over 100 years ago and definitely needs renovating.

The renovations will include the current standing school, kindergarten and gymnasium. The expansion will added much needed classrooms to the construction.

Fair von Anfang an, dank transparenter Vormiete – Fair from the get-go, thanks to clear previous rent information.

This referendum was put forward by the renters association and is asking that when a new tenant signs a contract for a rental property, the contract include the rent previously paid and if the rent has gone up, why this is the case.

The local government voted against this motion in parliament arguing that it would lead to unnecessary extra paper work, that the number of empty rental properties is constantly rising (currently at 1.5%) and that the rents are reflecting the national trend. There currently is a system in place were should the canton decide to they could make this ruling mandatory (it already is in place in many other cantons), so in their opinion this ruling is unnecessary.

The local government is asking people to vote against this initiative.

We will share the results with you this Sunday.

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Livingin organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.