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Lockdown Update – the New Normal – May 27

Today the government has announced the following: as the daily numbers of cases have fallen from 1000 cases to 10 to 15 the country can look at a further easing of restrictions.

As of today older people can resume life as normal again such as looking after their grandchildren.

Social Distancing Measures must remain in place: wash your hands frequently; keep 2 meters distance; avoid close contact greetings. Masks are recommended when these measures cannot be kept but are not obligatory.

If you can continue to do home office please do so (this is a recommendation not an obligation).

As of June 1

  • Spontaneous meetings of 30 people will be allowed.

From June 6:

  • Up to 300 people allowed to meet for organised events such as weddings, cinemas, theatre, sport events.
  • Zoos, swimming pools, botanical gardens etc.. will be able to reopen
  • Secondary education will resume as normal again.
  • Restaurant will have no more limits for people per table but will need to give one phone number by table, and the 2 meter distance between tables will remain in place.
  • Tourism destinations will be open again, this includes cable cars.

From June 8:

  • Family reunification will also be relaxed, all persons with a residence permit will once again have the right to bring their families to Switzerland in accordance with the usual criteria.

From June 15:

  • Borders to German, Austria and France will be totally open.
  • Italy has opened its borders as of June 3, but Switzerland will not open their borders to Italy for the time being.
  • The aim is that by July 6 all the borders within Europe and the EFTA countries should be opened.
  • Switzerland will follow the Schengen guidelines with regards to borders with countries beyond the EU/EFTA.

From June 19

  • Official ending of the “extraordinary situation”, this means that the government will need, amongst other things, to put any new financial packages to vote in parliament.

From June 24

  • More events with up to 1000 people allowed, but events with more than 1000 will not be allowed until end of August minimum.
  • Simplification of social distancing plans (which have to be decided by branches).

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Livingin organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.