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Travelling to and from Switzerland

As the lockdown is being eased and the number of cases continues to slow, it has been decided that as of June 15. the borders between Switzerland, Germany, Austria and France will be opened. This means that people will be allowed to travel between these different countries for non-essential reasons (i.e. for holidays).

The borders to Italy remain close as within Italy travelling is still heavily restricted and there is no date as to when this will change.

As of May 15. is will be easier for people to travel between these countries, especially for unmarried couples (from Germany and Austria) to be reunited again but travel for touristic reasons or to shop will only be allowed as of June 15.

For those wishing to travel beyond these countries, Switzerland has not made any plans and it is up to the individual to check with the countries whether they can travel there or not.

One can expect that other EU countries will open their borders before any others. Flights still being very limited, even if a country like Greece is open to tourism, getting there will be a challenge.

However, all of this is still dependant on whether the virus remains under control or not, this will be decided on May 27.

The government is still asking people to holiday in Switzerland so as to support the local tourism industry.

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Livingin organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.