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UPDATED – Travelling to and from Switzerland

The government has announced that as of June 15 it will open its borders to ALL EU/EFTA countries. This means that people will be allowed to travel to these different countries for non-essential reasons (i.e. for holidays). But beware this does not mean that ALL EU/EFTA countries are accepting tourists.

Here is a list of the ones we have been able to confirm so far, most of these countries require that you have proof of accommodation upon entry into the country.

Austria: Austria preempted everyone by opening its borders on June 4. You are expected to wear a face mask on public transport and in chemists or where social distancing is not possible. A scarf is accepted as a face mask!

Belgium: will be reopening its borders as of June 15.

Croatia: Has already reopened its borders to tourists.

Denmark: Only allows tourist from Germany, Norway and Iceland as of June 15.

France: Will reopen its borders to Switzerland on June 15. Masks must be worn on public transport and in many shops.

Germany: Borders will reopen for tourism on June 15. For now face masks are to be worn in public spaces.

Greece: As of June 15, people flying in from Switzerland can do so without any testing. Here is a comprehensive list of countries allowed to travel to Greece. As of July 1. all other countries will be able to travel but only upon presentation of a negative test.

Italy: Has already reopened its borders. Switzerland will officially reopen its borders to Italy on June 15.

Spain: Borders will reopen on July 1. Until then travelers face a 14 day quarantine phase. Masks are mandatory on public transports, most shops and wherever social distancing is not possible.

Portugal: The borders are already open in Portugal, however anyone wishing to travel to the Azores or Madeira must show that they have had a negative corona test (no more than 3 days old) or face a 14 day quarantine.

The Netherlands: Will reopen its borders to EU/EFTA residents as of June 15. You must have booked your holiday accommodation prior to your travels there.

The United Kingdom: As of June 8 a 14 day self-isolation period is imposed on anyone wishing to travel to the country. You will need to provide the contact information and address of where you plan to stay and can expect to be checked on during this period to see that you really are self-isolating.

Here is a great website for further traveling information within Europe.

The Swiss government is still asking people to holiday in Switzerland so as to support the local tourism industry.

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Livingin organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.