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Coronavirus Update – April 29: The lifting of the lockdown details

Today is a big day as the government is announcing the updates with regards to the lifting of the lockdown. In view of the stabilising of the situation the government is happy to lift many restrictions with the warning that social distancing and good hygiene practices must remain in place. People are still invited to do home office if possible.

  • Masks should be worn when it is not possible to keep social distancing. Children however do not need to wear masks.
  • The planned opening of the obligatory schools (i.e. primary and secondary schools) will be able to go ahead as intended on May 11 and will be put into place by each canton.
  • This year’s gymnasium exam is not obligatory and it is up to each canton to decide how to go about this.
  • All shops will be able to open again on May 11 as well as markets, museums, archives and libraries. Botanical gardens and zoos can only reopen on June 8th.
  • Restaurants will be able to reopen on May 11, on condition that all guests are seated, no more than 4 guests per table (except for families with more than 2 children), and that the tables are kept 2 meters apart.
  • Public transport will be up and running as normal again.
  • The borders will reopen slightly allowing for immediate family reunification for Swiss and Europeans.
  • Although it is possible for Swiss to leave and return to Switzerland it is not always allowed to enter another country. Therefore people living in Switzerland should look at spending their summer holidays within the country. This would also help the national tourism industry which has greatly suffered from the lockdown. It is not possible for family members from abroad to come and visit their family in Switzerland.
  • Events with more than 1000 people will remain forbidden until end of August.
  • Religious masses are still not allowed.
  • Further decisions will be met on May 27, especially with regards to tourisms.
  • Swiss and Edelweiss companies will be receiving help from the government.
  • Sport activities are allowed to resume as of May 11, and training with 5 people can resume so long as no physical contact takes place.
  • Competitive sports cannot resume before June 8.
  • Theatres and Museums can reopen on June 8.
  • Fitness centres and yoga studios need to come up with a hygiene concept and can then open on May 11.
  • Swimming pools can also open but only for sport activities.
  • Politically, the May 27 votation date has been postponed until September 27.

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Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Livingin organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.