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Coronavirus Update – April 22

With close to 28 000 official cases and nearly 1500 deaths Switzerland is currently placed at number 15 worldwide for the number of cases.

The government is explaining that as cases are still going down, the opening planned for April 27th will be taking place. i.e. hospitals can offer non essential surgery again. Hairdressers, beauty salons and masseurs can work again. Garden and DIY centres also, however other shops will have to wait until May 11th, including the parts of supermarket that are currently closed.

One million masks will be provided daily to businesses however they continue to not be obligatory, people are welcome to wear them but this does not replace social distancing and washing of hands.

Masks should be worn when it isn’t possible to keep social distancing; i.e. a hairdresser and his/her client would each need to wear a mask.

All plans for openings on May 11th will be confirmed on April 29th, as well as a possible date for reopenings of restaurants and bars.

Self-employed individuals who have been receiving financial help will continue to receive it until May 16th even if they reopen their businesses. Self-employed people who cannot reopen their business until then will continue to receive help bexond this date. This will be done automatically by the AHV/AVS.

Regarding the opening of schools, should the reopening take place on May 11th it will be obligatory, i.e. only children with a medical certificate will be allowed to continue to be home schooled, all other children will have to attend school. The government continues to contend that children rarely are infected and only rarely transmit the virus so they should not be at risk by going back to school.

Sport with little physical contact with others will be allowed as of beginning May, more details will follow next week.

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Livingin organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.