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Coronavirus Update – March 30th

Week 3 of the partial lock down and Switzerland now has over 15 000 cases and 300 deaths, but it is not all gloom as it seems that the partial lock down is helping and the number of new cases has dropped for the 3rd day in a row. The cantons of Geneva, Tessin, Vaud and Zürich report the most cases in the country, but so far the hospitals are not overflowing so much so that the cantons of Basel, Geneva, Jura and Neuchatel have been accepting patients from neighbouring Alsace who are struggling to look after all of their acute patients. Now the canton of Aargau is reaching out to the Tessin to offer to take in some of their acute patients.

The government is adamant in trying to prevent a complete lock down and hopes that the drop in cases will continue. However they are not prepared to give a date for the lifting of the restrictions currently in place but are estimating that the crisis will last until at least the middle of May.

27 000 people were prevented from entering or leaving the country in the past week. Some people have still not understood that this is no time to go shopping abroad.

In Switzerland the call for volunteers has been massively answered; with hospitals saying that they don’t have enough work for everyone but this shouldn’t stop people from offering their services. Pretty soon farmers will be needing a helping hand too as their usual foreign workers will not be able to collect the harvests.

Supermarkets are noticing a drop by a third of customers coming into their shops, meanwhile online shopping is booming with many shops unable to deliver orders in a timely manner.

The farmers are really suffering as markets are closed but you can order produce online and they will deliver.

Here is the link for the Swiss German part of Switzerland and this link is for the French (and German) part of Switzerland

Also over 70 000 self employed people applied for compensation last week. Unfortunately not everyone will be allowed money. Your business must be in the following sectors: Restaurants, Bars, Flower shops, Boutiques, Hairdressers and beauty parlours. If you can continue your work from home then you will not be allowed any compensation. More details on this is this post.

Whilst you continue to be home, have you written to your landlord to get a reduction on your rent? Now would be a good time to do it. We wrote about it a couple of weeks ago.

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Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Livingin organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.