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Sunday March 29th Elections

Just as time waits for no one, it seems that politics doesn’t care about lockdown as this Sunday we will be having both our local parliamentary elections as well as voting in our new local councillors and mayor.

To be honest, even with all the time in the world I couldn‘t face going through hours and hours of figuring out how each candidate feels about the issues that I care about. Which is why I am super excited about the website.

You start by answering questions on all aspects of politics and then you are given a list of candidates whose views most closely resemble yours. Alternately you can check and see which party list is closest to your values. In any case it makes voting much simpler.

Personally I still look up the names that the website thought was most suited and then decide whether I agree with them or not. For the parliament you can give up to two votes to the same candidate.

Regarding the town councillors, the same method applies although you are only allowed one vote per candidate.

For mayor we have a choice of two candidates. The incumbent Beat Züsli, who is more on the left (Green party, socialist party, young green, sp secondos, young socialist all back him), whilst all other centrist and right wing parties are backing Martin Merki, who is current head of social and safety department.

The expectation is for a rather low turn-out so the town is encouraging people to mail their votes in, but you would need to do that today for it to arrive in time.

Also the results will take longer to be declared (with some areas expecting it to take up to 10 days). We will keep you informed as the results come in.

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Livingin organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.