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Coronavirus update – March 5th

**** UPDATE: At a media conference at 14.00 it was confirmed that there are now 70 cases of coronavirus in Switzerland and the first reported death (a 74 year old woman from Lausanne). Lucerne now has 2 confirmed cases, a 45 year old man got infected from someone in Switzerland as well as the student. More cases are expected. ****

The cantons of Lucerne and Zug have now both had their first cases of people confirmed to be infected with the coronavirus. A 21 year old man in Zug and a 16 year old female student from the Alpenquai School in Lucerne. Both are in isolation in hospital . The Alpenquai School have asked the students from the same class (5L) and the teachers who taught the class to self-quarantine, whilst the rest of the school remains open for the time being.

The country has now homogenised its ruling for gatherings of crowds. Any gathering with more than 1000 people are banned at least until March 15th, and most probably longer.

In the canton of Lucerne any gathering of 150 people will now need to be approved by applying for a permit. This includes congresses, theatre productions, cinemas and circuses, not included are education forums, train stations, markets and public transport.

If you are planning an event with around 150 participants or more in the canton of Lucerne then you should fill out the following form or call 041 228 73 84 (Monday toFriday from 8.00 to 12.00 and 13.30 to 17.00) to get more information and help filling out the online form.

The canton of Zug has set the bar at 200 people attending an event.

For the time being the government is asking that people follow these three simple rules, also avoid shaking hands or greeting people with a kiss.

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Livingin organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.