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Summer Activities

So you’ve decided to try out the staycation and now you’re wondering what to do, here is our suggested list of activities for the summer:

Summer Activities in Luzern

Miniature Golf

Minigolf Lido

The local minigolf course across from the Lido. Tel: 041 370 26 08

Minigolf Trumpf Buur

This course features a large playground and an enclosure with goats, ponies, donkeys, rabbits and chickens. Tel: 041 440 62 52

Minigolf Seehotel

The appeal here is the diversity of hole characteristics combined with fantastic lake and mountain views. Tel: 041 825 06 06

Minigolf-Anlage Felmis

Beautifully located facility opposite Hotel Felmis. Tel: 041 340 20 55

Parks & Museums

Swiss Open-Air Museum

On display are houses from nearly all regions of Switzerland demonstrating local crafts like cheese making, weaving, woodcarving and more. 033 952 10 40

Park Seleger-Moor

Beautiful marsh land park exhibiting flowers and plants, featuring a small garden restaurant and plants for sale. Tel: 044 764 11 19


Schloss Meggenhorn

Beautifully located playground with adjacent barn with cows, pigs, chickens and rabbits as well as a goat enclosure.

website Tel: 041 377 11 61

Wirzweli Zauberland

This big adventure playground is located on the mountain and comprises BBQ facilities, a little zoo, a small summer toboggan run, nice hiking trails and an owl path. Guided pony rides available on weekends. Tel: 041 628 23 94


Big playground, mini railway and restaurant located on the premises of Hotel Restaurant Chärnsmatt. Tel: 041 280 34 34

Swimming Badis

Luzern Lido

Big lakeside playground plus a large beach area, swimming and paddling pools and beach volleyball area, kiosk and restaurant (from mid-May to early October, you have to pay an entry fee). Tel: 041 370 38 06

Tribschen Warteggstrasse

Great for families, with a lawn for sunbathing, paddling pool, playground, beach, beach volleyball, ping-pong and tabletop football. Canoes and open-air yoga courses available too Tel: 041 360 45 67

Strandbad Sachseln

The most beautiful place on Sarnersee is this idyllic badi. Boasting unique sandy beaches, it is especially suitable for small children. Tel: 041 660 24 22

Badi Meggen

Charming small Badi, great for little kids. It has a kiosk and bistro, ping-pong and tabletop football. Tel: 041 377 26 50


Swimming Pools

Waldschwimmbad Zimmeregg

Small outdoor pool in Littau hidden away in the forest. Facilities for beach volleyball, football, badminton, boccia and ping-pong, as well as a playground, BBQ area and a restaurant and kiosk. Tel: 041 250 57 33

Parkbad Kleinfeld

Open air pool with nice playground and view onto Pilatus. In addition to the swimming and diving pools, there are a natural pool and splash park for kids. Tel: 041 311 28 43

Schwimmbad Mooshuesli

The largest open air pool in Luzern comprises two children pools with a big waterslide and paddling pools. There is also a large garden area with playground and kiosk. Tel: 041 268 64 00

Zoos & Animal Parks

Tierpark Goldau

Great guided tours in English, big playgrounds, restaurant and several BBQ and picnic areas. 041 859 06 08

Wildnispark Zürich

One of Switzerland’s biggest and oldest wildlife parks with native species such as deer, wild boars and ground hogs. It also features a restaurant and playground.

Tonis Zoo

Very small zoo with a little playground and restaurant. Tel: 041 280 40 50

Knies Kinderzoo

Small zoo part of Circus Knie, it has a fantastic sea lion show and a big playground. Kids can also pet the giraffes, ride the elephants and camels! Tel: 055 220 67 60

Insider tip:


Blue and white signs for Vitaparcours in the woods around Luzern mark this free fitness obstacle course. One of nearly 500 nationwide, it is a course that you can do at your own rhythm and is ideal for training with your family or friends. The average course is roughly 2.5 kilometres long and has 15 stations with suggested exercises covering flexibility, strength and aerobics.

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Livingin organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.