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All things chocolate!

Switzerland and chocolate is a long love affair. The country became a big player in the chocolate manufacturing as early as 1845 when the Sprüngli family opened the first chocolate factory. Nowadays there are many other companies to rival Sprüngli and luckily for us several are based right here in or around Luzern.

The Swiss Museum of Transport teamed with Lindt to offer a really cool chocolate adventure, where you are literally whisked through a storytelling ride about chocolate. Tickets start at CHF 9.-



Schönenberger’s chocolate factory is based in Littau, they offer the chance to go and make your own chocolates over Easter. Groups of up to 6 people can just turn up, groups of 7 or more must sign up beforehand with this form.


Aeschbach Chocolatier have their factory in Root and offer an interactive tour of their Choco World.  Prices are CHF 15.- for adults, CHF 8.- for children 6 and up (free for younger children).



Max Chocolatier is a boutique chocolate shop. They produce a small amount of exquisite chocolates found on the Schweizerhofquai 2. They offer tastings for up to 12 people. You can download their brochure here.



Confiserie Bachmann is not to be overlooked. This famous bakery makes a myriad of truffles and other chocolates and their shops are found all over town. If you can brave the tourists the Bachmann shop on Schwanenplatz has a cool chocolate wall. This year they are offering an assortment of vegan chocolates.


Läderach Chocolatier has been making chocolates since 1962 in Glarus, they recently opened two shops in Luzern and offer tours at some of their other sites in Switzerland.



If you don’t mind travelling a bit then Maison Cailler also has a great factory tour near Charmey.


And, of course, we cannot forget Lindt’s Chocolateria tour near Zürich in Kilchberg. This is an extremely popular tour so be sure to book in advance!

There really is no excuse to not indulge in some chocolate with so much choice around! Enjoy in moderation!

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Livingin organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.