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Tame Holiday Stress and Anxiety with Curiosity. Let’s get ready with Dr. Brandi Eijsermans (VIDEO)

Last tips on a list! Here is another Holiday Wellness Tip to keep your spirit healthy and bright. Thank you so much again to a psychologist, Dr. Brandi Eijsermans of Optimal Wellness Global and Mindfulness Trainer and Coach, Sabine Leitner-de Potter of Rainbow Mind bring you science-based practices to help you thrive!

Substitute mindful curiosity for worry, distraction, and comparison that disconnect us from our family and friends.

Instead of habitually going along on autopilot, LET YOUR CURIOSITY GUIDE YOU:

  • Am I really listening right now?
  • What preconceive notions do I have that might be getting in the way? What is my intention in this moment?
  • Allow curiosity and kindness toward yourself while you meet those answers honestly and openly.



If you are looking for more support find out more about Brandi and Sabine on their websites.

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