10 reasons why you should speak Swiss German

It’s a controversial topic and most people you will talk to will tell you, with the very best of intentions, that really you should learn to speak German before you even think of approaching the mysterious language which is Swiss German, we disagree and here are some of our reasons why.

1. Because if you live in Luzern, well, it just makes good sense.

2. No matter what people tell you, it IS possible.

3. Locals really appreciate it when you try.

4. To sing. There are plenty of cool Swiss talented musicians to sing along to.

5. Come on, your children do.

6. When you travel, you can talk to your family and probably nobody else will understand.

7. No other language in the world is as cool to swear in as Swiss German. Nope, not even Russian.

8. It is a difficult language and you can challenge yourself.

9. If you conquer it, it’s all right to brag about it.

10. Because King Roger does.

There are several opportunities to learn the language, either at the Migros Klubschule or even with the IWCL, who offer a Swiss German conversation group.

Versuechs, es isch ned eso schwär!

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